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The Zylast Antiseptic is an alcohol-based sanitizer, designed for use in hospitals and medical facilities.  Unlike traditional alcohol sanitizers, the Zylast Antiseptic offers persistence, demonstrated in testing conducted at six hours after application.  

It is also designed with moisturizers and emollients to restore moisture to the skin and reduce irritation with multiple uses.  The Zylast Antiseptic is the first hand sanitizer proven to reduce hospital-acquired infection in a controlled, crossover clinical trial.

Available in 2 oz bottles (pictured above), 8 oz bottles, and 1 liter cartridges used inside the proprietary Zylast auto or manual dispensers.


The Zylast Anticeptic S is a waterless, alcohol-based rub that is designed for use between patients, after the surgeon has scrubbed in with a water-aided rinse.  It is less viscous than Zylast Anticeptic and is preferred for dirty hands. 


The Zylast Anticeptic kills germs on contact and provides persistence for the surgeon and staff.  Alcohol-based surgical scrubs have been demonstrated to be substantially less irritating and just as effective in removing germs. 


Available in a 1L cartridge used inside the proprietary Zylast dispensers.

0.2% BZT

The Zylast Antiseptic Foaming Soap uses the same proprietary Zylast technology to provide a rapid, broad-spectrum kill of germs with persistence.  Filled with moisturizers, it leaves the hands feeling silky and smooth.  A light, pleasant citrus scent lingers after use.

When compared against other soaps on the market, the Zylast Foaming Soap showed substantially better persistent effect when tested against both E. coli (gram negative) and MRSA (gram positive) bacteria in testing conducted at Pace University.

Available in an 8.25 oz pump bottle (pictured above) and in a 1L cartridge to be used inside the proprietary Zylast auto or manual dispensers.

0.2% BZT

Water-based, non-flammable and moisturizing, the Antiseptic Lotion provides rapid, broad-spectrum kill and persistent protection, without irrtating the skin.

The Antiseptic Lotion is shown to actually add moisture back into the skin, and improved skin condition by 46% over an alcohol sanitizer when used in a hospital setting.  It is the first non-alcohol product to exceed the reference alcohol product in rapid kill testing, and is persistent in the FDA-required testing at six hours.


It is sold for first aid and international applications in 1/2 oz tubes, 2 oz bottles, 8 oz bottles, and 1 liter cartridges used inside the proprietary Zylast auto or manual dispensers.


Zylast uses proprietary, ADA-compliant wall-mounted dispensers. Customers can either use automatic ("touch-free") dispensers or manual dispensers in their facility.  Both dispensers can be mounted either with provided screws or with attached tape.  Dispensers lock using a key to prevent tampering.