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"No comparable product is capable of providing the degree of long term protection exhibited by the Zylast hand sanitizers."

"The Zylast Foaming Soap performed significantly better than any other product evaluated in long-term, sustained kill against transient bacteria.  Even after it has been washed from the skin, the Zylast product killed all of the challenge organism at 2 minutes and 1 hour after application, which may have significant clinical benefits for users."

Haskins Laboratory, Pace University

“Our decision to install Zylast reflects Westmont’s ongoing commitment to the health, safety and success of our students.  Zylast will be a helpful part of our overall strategy to minimize disruption to classes and campus activities.”

Troy Harris, Risk Management, Westmont College

"Before switching to Zylast, my hands were dry, cracked and bleeding.  In less than a week, they've never felt better."

Jacque H., LPN

"Zylast is remarkable; as soon as we installed it we noticed our classrooms were full and our teachers healthier.  I love that it's all natural and not flammable, and our kids love using it.  It's so important, especially with special needs children, to keep them in the classroom as much as possible.  Our parents and teachers even requested that we sell Zylast at our front desk."

Leslie Ghrist, Director, Autism Academy

"Zylast Antiseptic is a very exciting new hand sanitizer that kills the norovirus surrogate Feline calicivirus 99.97%! It also possesses some residual activity and has been shown to continue working for about 6 hours against bacteria...I tested the Zylast antiseptic, and it did a great job killing bacteria when you first use it."

Annie Pryor, PhD, Stop the Stomach Flu